Luis Dawson

Luis Dawson is a private person.
I consider myself a very private person.

This is Me Alpha Omega, the only site you need to learn more about video games, the Internet, and everything in-between. My name is Luis, and as you may can probably tell, I don’t like revealing too much about myself. That’s why I’ve chosen not to reveal my face on this blog. Who even knows if Luis is my real name? I’m sure you understand. The Internet is filled with untrustworthy people and we need to do whatever we can to protect ourselves. Plus, V for Vendetta is one of my favorite comic books and films; consider my picture as my way of paying tribute to it.

My Passions

But enough about that. I’m here to talk about two of my biggest passions: video games and the online world. They used to be completely separate entities, but as technology develops, they’ve become more integrated. I feel comfortable enough to reveal that I am a young adult, so you can imagine what my childhood was like. Video games were still in what I would consider to be their infancy – they were nowhere near as involved and immersive as they are now. It’s actually a little hard to keep up with every new game and console release! The industry is so fast-paced now, so I started Me Alpha Omega to keep track of the most important changes.

In addition, I’ve dedicated this blog to the web. I’m not even sure where I would be today if it weren’t for the Internet. It guided me through my early years and helped me make friends from all over the world. It also introduced me to so many hobbies and resources, like programming, web design, and even free online classes. Now, online play is becoming more and more integrated into games. Whether they’re console or mobile games, they usually require access to the Internet. I’m pleased that my two biggest hobbies have seamlessly come together. So, if you feel that you have an interesting, relevant topic I should cover on Me Alpha Omega, please send me an email. I’ll review it as soon as possible.