Tracking Employee Activity: Does Employee Monitoring Increase Productivity?

With some companies experiencing drops in employee productivity, employers are faced with the question of whether employee monitoring and privacy in the workplace are two mutually exclusive terms. It may seem like a fantasy to some but more than a few studies have shown the effectiveness of employee monitoring in bringing productivity numbers up, whether […]

The Perks of Using An Employee Monitoring Software in The Workplace

Just like any other business strategy, there are also employee monitoring pros and cons that business owners need to investigate before jumping on the bandwagon of tracking their workers through company phones. However, the benefits of employee monitoring, especially through the software Highster Mobile, definitely outweigh its cons. Advantages of Employee Monitoring With all the […]

How an Employee Monitoring Program Benefits a Company

Employees may often mistake employee monitoring as an invasion of privacy and that there are no benefits that you can get when business owners implement it, but nothing can be further from the truth. It is the business owner’s responsibility to oversee and guide the company’s employees when they are in the workplace. Having the […]

Keep Your Infant Healthy This Holiday Season With These Tips

If it’s Baby’s First Christmas and you want to bring your new little one with you to all of those holiday events and family get-togethers but you are worried about all those germs you don’t need to stress about it. With just a little preparation and some ground rules, you can keep baby safe and […]

Top 10 Best Mobile Apps for Healthy Exercise Guide and Weight Loss Diet

We all have ideal guidelines we want to follow on our journey to losing weight whether on the type of exercise program or a specific diet for losing weight. Some of you must be getting confused on which app would work best for you on your way to living a healthy lifestyle. So, to make […]


Online Dating Mistakes Everyone Makes

Online dating is now the number one way that people meet, and yet meeting someone on an online dating site can feel like an impossible task. If you haven’t have had much luck with online dating you are probably making one of these common mistakes that nearly everyone makes at one point or another when […]