If it’s Baby’s First Christmas and you want to bring your new little one with you to all of those holiday events and family get-togethers but you are worried about all those germs you don’t need to stress about it. With just a little preparation and some ground rules, you can keep baby safe and germ-free while still making sure that all the relatives and grandparents get the chance to meet the newest member of the family. My daughter was just five weeks old at Christmas the year she was born and I still went to all of our family parties and dinners. And she didn’t get so much as a cough even though she was around a lot of relatives. Here are the tricks and tips I used to keep my daughter healthy during the holiday party season when she was a new baby. Use these to keep your own little one healthy during their first Christmas!

Layer, Layer, Layer

Regulating an infant’s body temperature is important. If your baby gets a chill she may end up getting sick. But if she’s too warm that’s also going to potentially make her sick. So dress baby in light layers of clothing that can be removed or added if necessary. Also, make sure that you have extra layering pieces because she will inevitably spit up or soil some of those layers throughout the night.

Pack The Hand Sanitizer

If you’re like me you don’t like anyone else holding your baby. But the grandparents and other relatives are definitely going to want to hold the new baby. Pack several small travel size bottles of hand sanitizer and make sure you have and your partner both have bottles in all of your pockets. Also, put a couple bottles in the diaper bag and in your purse. Whenever anyone wants to hold the baby make them use the hand sanitizer first. And use it yourself also because you will be hugging and shaking hands with people and then holding your baby.

Set Ground Rules

Everyone wants to hug and kiss the new baby, but in order to make sure baby doesn’t kiss set some ground rules with your relatives. Ask them to kiss baby only on the hands, feet, or belly. That will lower the risk of germs getting near the baby’s eyes, mouth, and nose. And you can easily wash off baby’s hands and feet with an antibacterial wipe if necessary.

Bathe Baby After A Party

When you get home from a holiday event it’s a good idea to give your baby a nice warm bath. Will help calm the babies down after all the excitement but also will help kill any germs. The baby even though you were using hand sanitizer and taking precautions throughout the night. My baby didn’t get sick at all during the holiday party season using these precautions and hopefully, yours won’t either.