Online dating is now the number one way that people meet, and yet meeting someone on an online dating site can feel like an impossible task. If you haven’t have had much luck with online dating you are probably making one of these common mistakes that nearly everyone makes at one point or another when they are trying online dating (besides not doing a cell phone search before):

Dating Out Of Your League

A recent study found that a large percentage of people on online dating sites try to pursue people that are “out of their league” and that is why some people have such a hard time meeting people on dating sites. If you have been on a dating site for a while and you send out messages but don’t seem to get any back you might to reevaluate the kind of people that you are messaging. If you pursue people that are more at your level of attractiveness you will probably have better luck.


Social Media can be powerful

Only Posting Edited Photos

If the only photos in your online dating profile are carefully curated and edited photos that send a message to potential dates that you’re probably not that confident and that you may not look like your photos. Both of those things can be deal breakers for daters that are trying to find potential matches. Instead of only posting perfect photos you should post a variety of photos that show off multiple angles and they should be taken in different types of lighting.

That doesn’t mean you should post unflattering photos. But it does mean that a wide variety of photos in different lights and from different angles will give someone browsing your photos a better idea of what you actually look like. They’re going to see the real you when you meet so you might as well be upfront about what you look like from the start. A new laptop can help you get the perfect photos by helping you edit. 

Being Generic

Online dating is a numbers game, so it makes sense to keep your profile generic so that you can cast a wide net into the online dating site pond right? Wrong. When your profile is too generic you will have a hard time meeting compatible people because there are too many variables. No one is interesting a laundry list of activities like reading or walking on the beach. Don’t share too much however like if you use the amazing Phonespector software.